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Stone School Gallery
Stone School Gallery
28, rue Mill St.
Portage-du-Fort (Québec)

Gallery hours:
11-4pm, Saturday and Sunday
Friday night vernissages: 6-8pm

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August 16 to September 8
Denis Charette and Dinorah Catzalco:
North and South, Land of America

Marcel Renaud and Thérèsé André: New Energy

Vernissage: August 16, 6-8 pm
Artist talks: Denis Charette, August 25, 2 pm | Dinorah Catzalco, August 18, 2 pm

In the upper gallery “North and South: Land of America” features the work of Master Sculptor and Algonquin artist Denis Charette and Mexican born painter Dinorah Catzalco. The two explore their cultural roots with an emphasis on our place in nature and natures place in us.

In the lower gallery "New Energy” is an exhibition of the works in oil of Marcel Renaud and the watercolours of Thérèse André.

Vernissage: August 16, 6-8 pm. The shows continue until September 8. The gallery is open Saturdays and Sundays, 11 am to 4 pm.

Denis Charette: North and South, Land of America
Upper Gallery.
Master Sculptor and Algonquin Artist.

Artist talk: Saturday, August 25, 2 pm
Presentation and discussion on the artistic background of Denis Charette.

Denis Charette sculpts wood to reveal the mysterious Algonquin world of cosmogony. His sculptures refer to various legends about those who walked the sacred land before us. His creations tell stories that go back to the dawn of time and are about wind, water, earth, fire, people, animals and rocks. These elements all become intermingled and form a swirling reminder that we are all linked together.

Cantley (Québec)

Denis Charette
Denis Charette, Anishnabek.

Dinorah Catzalco: North and South, Land of America
Upper Gallery. Painter and sculptor.

Artist talk: August 18, 2 pm

During the North-South, Land of America exhibition, the Outaouais artist-painter of Mexican origin, Dinorah Catzalco, will present a series of paintings enhanced by the presence of bas-reliefs and inhabited by deeply coloured zoomorphic characters. This series of paintings also refers to Mexican folklore and to the close relationships between humans and animals. She is interested in the way we perceive animals and their omnipresence in myths, religions and dreams. For some, the animal is a lower form of life ruled only by instinct, whereas in native cultures animals possess a soul which must be honoured.

Gatineau (Québec)

Dinorah Catzalco
Dinorah Catzalco, Femme pieuvre. 213cm x 91 cm

Marcel Renaud
New Energy

Lower Gallery. Oil on masonite.

Marcel lives and paints from his studio in Pontiac within the province of Québec, Canada. His medium is oil, painting mostly on boards, notably through the use of putty knives. He developed his own style which he would categorize as "intuitive art", resulting in abstract non-figurative painting. 

"I paint to escape, to express and to challenge myself. I paint to reflect the feelings and emotions of the moment. Creating an artwork, for me, is a combination of spontaneous decisions performed in a short timeframe, involving conscious and subconscious thoughts, my values, likes and dislikes, visual perspectives, application choices, colour selections and body movements. For each piece, decisions are made intuitively until such time as I feel that the work is complete. My art is a statement to myself, of personal satisfaction, of fulfillment and wellbeing. For me being artistic is innovating, experimenting, learning and changing."

Pontiac (Québec)

Marcel Renaud
Marcel Renaud, Composition.

Thérèsé André
New Energy

Lower Gallery. Watercolour.

Thérèsé André is a retired teacher who came to Canada over 25 years ago from Belgium.

Her approach to painting has been to paint plein air landscapes where she is looking for the feelings that carry her creativity. 

Luskville (Québec)

Thérèsé André
Thérèsé André, Coucher de soleil splendide.