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Stone School Gallery
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Portage-du-Fort (Québec)

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La Fab in Chelsea
from 3 to 27 November

La Fab, 212 Chemin Old Chelsea,
Chelsea, QC J9B 1J3

Carol Bretzloff, Jeanne McTiernan, Fred Ryan, Dale Shutt, Cheryl Dolan, Claudette Spence, Cindy Lottes, Valerie Bridgeman, Kate Aley.
various mediums

Vernissage 5 November from 5-8pm

An exhibition of juried works by members of the PAA. Opening at the Stone School Gallery, the exhibition will travel to other galleries in the Outaouais during 2016/17.

Cindy Lottes

Carol Bretzloff

Jeanne McTiernan

Dale Shutt

Cheryl Dolan

Claudette Spence

Kate Aley

Valerie Bridgeman


The Artists

Carol Bretzloff

“I have always loved making art.  That love began when I was very young and my father, Gilbert Bretzloff, sat my sister, my brother and me on a big stone beside the lake at our cottage, near Ladysmith, Quebec, and gave each of us a box of professional watercolors, a brush and good paper.  Together, we painted the birch trees and the forest.  As a small child I also remember sitting beside my grandmother in her natural rock garden of wildflowers, where she taught me to make a daisy chain.  The landscape and the garden, rich in symbolism, have always been central to my work.  My images are doorways into an invisible world that address memories, beliefs, mortality, and the magical world of imagination and invention”.

Carol Bretzloff lives with her husband, David Holmes, at Netherleigh Farm, in Clarendon, Quebec.  She has worked as a sculptor and printmaker since graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, in 1973, from Mount Allison University.  For thirty-five years, Bretzloff developed and taught the Fine Arts Program at Pontiac High School.  She was a founding member of the Pontiac Artists’ Studio Tour and Under the Pines Music Festival

The small works, seen in “Focus Pontiac”, are the ‘thumbnail notes’ that inspire Carol Bretzloff’s larger installation sculptures, created from the organic materials: stone, wood, bones, feathers, flower petals, hair and clay, and which she exhibits locally, nationally and abroad.  Her work is a search for the sacred and the spirituality that connects all.

Jeanne McTiernan
Stained Glass, mosaics

"Once an Islander, always an Islander."
Lucy Maud Montgomery, P.E.I.

I love this quote because I feel a connection to my roots in Ile-du-Grand-Calumet. After spending 30 years living and working in Ottawa I came back to retire in our ancestral home. Today, when I see my grand-children running in the fields or sitting on the porch, I visualize them walking in the same steps as my great grand-parents nearly a century ago. They are the sixth generation to enjoy this home and I am very proud of that.

Since my childhood, I knew I had a certain artistic talent for drawing and painting and I explored that venue for some time. But, the day I picked up a glass cutting tool, I knew then that I had found a real passion for this new form of art. That’s when I abandoned all other medium and dedicated my artistic talents solely to stained glass.

My inspiration comes from the color and texture of the glass itself. It seems to speak to me. A certain shade and texture might remind me of running water, or a sunset, or the back on a frog. A piece of glass can stay in my workshop for months before I’m inspired to use it. Then, one morning I will draw a pattern and start cutting with a specific piece in mind. Most of my work is done using the technique of copper foiling and lead soldering.

My art pieces are influenced by nature therefore I’m always trying to find new ways of incorporating glass art in a nature setting: mosaic bird houses, chimes, garden art, stepping stones, glass panels, sun catchers, etc. No matter what the size of the project is or the whimsical ideas I conjure up, all my creations are made from a multitude of coloured glass pieces that express my love for this art.
Jeanne has been a member of the Pontiac Artists Association since 2012.

Fred Ryan

I have been writing poetry since my high school years – fifty long years ago.  Dylan Thomas, Gary Snyder, Pablo Neruda, First Nations and Japanese Zen poetry, Pessoa  -- the beauty of words and lines has always grabbed me by the heart.  Besides this aesthetic appreciation, I also believe poetry gives us a rare access to our non-conscious lives.  Poetry can be a subtle and profound tool for exploring and understanding our multiple inner selves, as well as an expression of our bewilderment and of our dropped-jaws, faced with our cosmos.

The Pontiac needs its Phoenix!

These poems are tied to the theme of the Phoenix as an expression of our community and region, the Pontiac in western Quebec.  We in the Pontiac need the Phoenix. We – you and I -- must become more phoenix-like. Focus Pontiac can look at the transcendental as well as at the visual surface of our lives and communities. Think of the Pontiac as benefiting from the Phoenix.

The Phoenix does not exist out in the world. Living no-where, it is every-where. It sleeps and rises within our hearts, our ambitions and goals. These few mounted poems are part of larger group exploring the Phoenix, awakened in the Pontiac.  As the bird-myth rises in each of us, it burns away the debris of the past; it clears the ground for new growth.  Pontiac’s rebirth will not begin in Ottawa or Quebec City; it must start within each of our hearts.  It begins with you reading this and these poems.

Dale Shutt
Painting on silk, printmaking
Dale’s work is influenced by the sights and colours that surround her where she lives and works. She likes to take the leap from what her eyes see around her to what her imagination tells her can be seen.

Dale Shutt is a visual artist living on Ile-du-Grand-Calumet, in Pontiac County, West Quebec. Her principal medium is painting on silk. She also works in the unique medium of woodcut printing on hand painted silk.
Dale is primarily self-taught. In 1985 with assistance of two grants from the Quebec Ministry of Culture, she began her explorations of the medium. Since then she has never looked back. Through the years she has used her medium to create wearable art, kites, framed paintings, large wall hangings and sculptures. Dale has exhibited her work in Ontario and Quebec, and internationally in Nagoya Japan, St. Petersburg, Russia, and Vermont, USA.

Dale has taught silk painting at Algonquin College Mississippi Mills School of Art, The Pontiac School of the Arts and through the Quebec Culture in Education program as well as giving workshops in her home studio.

Cheryl Dolan

Acrylic, watercolour,
Art is a silent language.  It gives us joy, elevates our spirit, moves and inspires us. Art brings beautiful emotions into our lives. It allows us to feel, think, remember, question and enriches our lives beyond the necessities.

For me a successful painting is one that "reads" from across the room and then pulls you to it.  It should hold your interest at a distance and more intimately up close. 

Art is my passion.  It makes my heart sing.  Textured surfaces and a variety of media intrigue me.  I let the creative process take me where it will.  I am not interested in painting in a detailed or realistic manner, but am motivated to find the essence of my subjects through spontaneity and gesture.  I feel my experimentation with mixed media and different painting styles contributes to my enthusiasm and never-ending discovery of inspiration.  My art is about the expression of my passion for color and texture. My inspiration comes from the elements present in nature, my rural upbringing in the Pontiac and the beauty given to us by the master Creator.  If, by viewing my art, I have put a smile on your face, brought you some joy, then I have succeeded.

My art has been exhibited throughout the Ottawa Valley, in both Ontario and Quebec and at Citizenship and Immigration Library, NHQ, Ottawa.  My paintings are in private collections in Canada and England. 

Claudette Spence

Appreciation for artistic expression began very early in life. Throughout my formal education, the painting of school hall murals and the attendance of art classes were just as important to me as the maths and sciences. I matured in the arts through the intensive study of “The Masters”, and professional workshops. Early in my artistic career I embraced impressionism. Images of impressionism moved my soul, I became addicted, I embraced impressionism from then on.

Cindy Lottes

Valerie Bridgeman
Pottery, handmade paper, printmaking

Nature's textures and forms guide my work.

Living close to nature inspires me. The forms and textures I see around me find their way into my work, whether it is clay, printmaking, or handmade paper. I love to play with sculptural forms in clay but my functional ware bears the mark of nature as well.

My exploration of printmaking satisfies my interest in texture and natural forms, and also incorporates my love for collage and the use of handmade paper.

Kate Aley

The spirit of the natural world is very strong in the Pontiac region.

Living things, hidden and wild, are constantly present around us. Even the wind, water and rocks seem sentient.

These beings see us far more clearly than we see them. When our paths cross, sometimes there is enchantment, sometimes disaster.

This parallel world invites us to be wild and magical too. When we understand how to look, we begin to see.