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Stone School Gallery
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Portage-du-Fort (Québec)

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July 22 – August 14

Jocelyn Anne Campbell, collage
Lise-Anne Bernatchez, collage

Vernissage July 22, 6-8 pm

Paper, magazines, paint, color, collage, intuition and creativity are brought together in an exploration of nature in all its forms.

Yes, everybody can make a collage!
Join our free demonstration and try it.
Date: 6 August, 2 - 4 pm.
Location: Pontiac Arts School, Portage-du-Fort


Built Landscapes
This exhibition offers a unique look at the territories that we inhabit; natural and imaginary territories. With painting and collage I transform the material to build a new world bit by bit, layer by layer. I use forms, textures and colours to organize new territories built on tension; yet built in harmony.

The works are collages. I first prepare my papers that will serve as the material for building the tableau. I paint directly on paper with brushes or I print forms from stamps I have carved. All drawings for my stamps have organic shapes that recall the trees, the leaves and the fields.

My impressions may be restricted to one colour, but they may also contain superimposed impressions of different colours and shapes. The image itself does not matter: I look for organic shapes, colors and textures.

Once my papers are prepared I start my tableau. Initially my inspiration comes from the papers I have used according to their texture, color and light. These are the natural resources used in building the tableau. I start with a certain idea of the subject and structure. I cut, tear and glue the papers, superimposing them on a wooden gallery panel with a glossy varnish.

The tableau is constantly changing. The end point surprises me every time, because nature always imposes itself during the creative process.

Lise-Anne Bernatchez
sculpture textile, collage, aquarelle

Artistic approach
Curious and attracted to textures, patterns and colours in my art; I collect and compile anything that could have a second life. The collections of rocks, lichen, branches, flowers, seeds, dried leaves, paper, cardboard, strings and ribbons, fabric scraps accumulate and wait their turn. And in that great chaos, order gradually happens and the creative process is primed.

A self-taught artist by times surrounded by mentors, I follow winding paths to refine my learning and dare the creative gesture. With textile sculpture and collage, contentment and well-being are assured.

Being inspired by my surroundings is evident in my art because ... Art is everywhere.

Exhibition Theme: Exploration and Discovery in Collage
The art of collage has different facets: cutting, tearing, burning, puncturing, juxtaposition, patterns and textures. Many actions are essential to create using papers found in magazines, gleaned here and there or personalized with acrylic pigments.

By showing the viewer the possibility of diverse material, of composition and of interpretation they are invited into an adventure of exploration and discovery. The moments of everyday life will be the main theme of these works.

Jocelyn Ann Campbell,
Palmiers Incandescents

Jocelyn Ann Campbell,
Les feuilles mortes se ramassent a la pelle

Jocelyn Ann Campbell,
Trois arbres haut perches

Lise-Anne Bernatchez,
Collage le nomade

Lise-Anne Bernatchez,
Regard Fleuri

Lise-Anne Bernatchez,
La Sentinelle