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Stone School Gallery
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Portage-du-Fort (Québec)

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The Artistry of
Recycled Paper

May 5-28

Carine De Pauw

Mixed media

Vernissage May 5, 6 - 8 pm

I transform leaflets, advertisements and newspapers into papier-mâché which I use to construct panels and objects. I paint upon them, capturing the viewer’s eye, and thereby create a freeze-frame upon which the soul lights up and proceeds towards open-mindedness.

Carine De Pauw : Artists’ Statement
Artist Statement

I am an emerging artist, a ‘3-R’ artist, a human worried about the degradation of my living habitat.

Overconsumption, the mismanagement of our ecological footprint along with carbon gas emissions are at the heart of the challenges facing our civilization. Believing in my own responsibility and in my power as a citizen of this planet, I apply the principals of a simpler lifestyle and responsible consumption in my everyday life. 

The materials used to make my art are overabundant and polluting. Scrap paper is everywhere: flyers, advertisements, newspapers. I recycle them in a mixture of papier mâché that I use as a messenger; a call to our conscience and a way to show that it is possible to recycle creatively.

In this exhibition, I hope to inspire and challenge the visitor, to arouse a new way of thinking, a new attitude toward our consumption habits, an active participation as a citizen of the planet.

My panels are reversible and can be oriented in different ways. They inhabit space with a playful and versatile presence whether used as a mural or to create a hanging partition. I also create small decorative and practical objects, and re-use cartons to transform them into personalized storage containers.