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Stone School Gallery
28, rue Mill St.
Portage-du-Fort (Québec)

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11-4pm, Saturday and Sunday
Friday night vernissages: 6-8pm

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Bring on Tenderness
August 4– September 10

Lucie Bertrand , encaustic
Louise Cormier acrylic, mixed media
André Guindon stone sculpture

Vernissage August 4, 6 - 8 pm

Using words, flowers, wind, colour and stone, three visual artists bring their work and passion together under the theme of tenderness. The flourishing of a moment of generosity, abundance and gentleness; the blossoming of something invisible and precious that is deep and soothing to the soul; be it memories, a smiling child, a caress, a moment of humanity, a presence.

Lucie Bertrand Artists’ Statement

As an emerging artist, my first encaustic workshops were nothing short of magical!  Using encaustic techniques for combining silk, pieces of metal, or bits of rust with wax to create a work of art is always a revelation.

To create is to open a dialogue with oneself. The creative process allows us to get where we want to be while embracing the colour, the writing, and the legacy of who we are. It's a matter of trusting in our hands because every intuitive gesture guides the next one.

Louise Cormier Artists’ Statement

Painting enables me to express emotions and moods in my quest for the infinite.  In my pieces, I stop time to note the richness of life; I seek the effect of wind, of the seasons and of the soul.

Over the years, I have shifted from oils to acrylics and from the figurative to the abstract. I also alternate between small and large canvases, pushing the boundaries of experimentation and exploring the use of various materials.

Emotions guide my movements, and texture holds the colour. Nature is still my primary source of inspiration as it is the birthplace of beauty, line, form, shadow and light. I use collage, impasto, transfers and superimposed images in paper, fabric, wood, stone, dust and a variety of natural fibres to give texture to my surfaces and to create new landscapes.  Raw materials are applied by palette knife, by brush or by hand. When I start a piece, I rarely know when or how it will be completed.

It is essential in my work that some elements remain slightly obscure, and not at all obvious, so that viewers can find their own way.

André Guindon Artists’ Statement

André was introduced to sculpture at the Ottawa School of Art, the Mont-Laurier Summer School of Arts and Crafts, and the Jan Jatsura Workshop in Montreal.

He works each piece of stone by hand. He is in search of the fragile balance between his inner vision and the stone’s own external momentum, always seeking the point of tension where accumulated energy eases into action. The emotional presence of animals and humans within their environments deeply inspires the movements and shapes in his work. Guided by the stone he is working with, André moves from abstraction to the figurative, capturing both the strengths and smoothness within each of his pieces.