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Stone School Gallery
28, rue Mill St.
Portage-du-Fort (Québec)

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A Panoramic view of Life
September 15 – October 22

September 15, 6-8 pm

A three-woman show depicting life as interpreted via snapshots in time. Jill Alexander, working in textured acrylics, and Diana Wakley, in watercolors, capture the essence of select photographic works of Bonnie Zimmerling.

Bonnie Zimmerling, photography

Diana Wakely, watercolour

Jill Alexander, acrylic,

Bonnie Zimmerling Artists’ Statement
My art is photography. Still life and landscapes are my passion – old abandoned houses and buildings, trees, and fence lines, etc. The abandoned buildings leave me wondering how people lived and what they left behind. I wonder why they left, why they chose to leave their home behind. I wonder what secrets the abandoned buildings keep. In my photos I try to show how I see what is around me.

Diana Wakely Artists’ Statement
An artist should never work in a vacuum. This has always been my motto. Working with Jill Alexander and Bonnie Zimmerling has been a great experience. I have challenged myself by interpreting Bonnie’s photos in watercolour on canvas. Though this is not the traditional way of painting watercolour, for me it has proven to be a worthwhile experience.

Jill Alexander Artists Statement
I find inspiration for my joyful acrylic artwork in the beauty of nature and wild imagination. Landscapes and flowers have a modern twist through the use of a palette knife and vibrant colour combinations. Abstracts are my fanciful imageries in bold shapes and patterns.