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Stone School Gallery
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17 Oct. to 19 Dec. 2018

Chelsea Library
(Bibliothèque de Chelsea)
100 Chemin Old Chelsea, Chelsea, QC J9B 1C1

Carol Bretzloff • Linda Girard • Sylvia Bretzloff • Valerie Bridgeman Dale Shutt • Cheryl Dolan • Louise Guay

In art, as in life, change is a constant, and transformation requires creativity.

Seven artists selected by jury were challenged to stretch their creativity by adding new dimensions to their work. They have been asked to present an artwork using their familiar creative process, and design two other pieces, expressing the original thought, but using a completely differen t visual language or expressing a change in direction of the original idea.

A traveling exhibition presented by artPontiac

Carol Bretzloff

The First Year of the Great Sorrow in my Life
Lithography, gold leaf, wood and egg tempera

“A lithograph is created on a large flat stone. Hardened and transformed by fire, a stone becomes a symbolof the eternal spirit. The landscape, an ongoing metamorphosis of birth, death and rebirth, is a doorway opened upon the visible and invisible world. Love is the link that pierces the veil between the two worlds and brings meaning to the Great Mystery.”

Linda Girard

The Renewal
Mixed media

“Travel back to June 11, 2009 in front of St. Paul’s Church in Aylmer, Quebec, where a fire is raging and destroys the landmark, built in 1893. The narrative continues with a hushed winter scene where the abandoned shell of the church stands, and its rejuvenation is celebrated in March 2015 in the final artwork.”

Sylvia Bretzloff

Zinc plate, sugar-lift and etching

“For me, metamorphosis means simplifying the landscape. Expressing the essence of trees, lakes, and mountains with a few bold brushstrokes is a journey into abstraction. I am a printmaker. A zinc plate is my canvas. It is worked with sugar-lift and a deep etch and then printed à la poupée and multi-viscosity.”

Valerie Bridgeman

Linocut, collagraph, paper pulp casting

“In the span of a lifetime, everything grows and changes. In the evolution of a gardener, growth begins with the awakening of the nurturing spirit, stretching up through the hard work of bending and sowing and tending, to finally bask in the beauty of creation.”

Dale Shutt

Eclipse: Dark Side of the Moon

“Creativity involves exploring new ideas and new techniques. The Metamorphosis project has offered me the opportunity to explore both. I am inspired by the landscape I live in and the places my imagination can take me. “Eclipse” is a journey from the dark to the light, from the apparent to the unseen.”

Cheryl Dolan

Deer Reflection

“My work explores intently viewing and capturing nature that has been oddly transformed. These visual illusions appear to be metamorphosed into the shapeshifting of nature. Are these signs or magical symbolism? There are symbolic meanings and hidden messages everywhere. Is there a particular animal that you see frequently? Could it be a message from your spirit guide?”

Louise Guay

Chakras repositionnés
Linocut, chine colle

“METAMORPHOSIS evokes in me the idea of transforming everyday objects into objects that inspire meditation. By the juxtaposition of techniques, and even media, a simple door is no longer a door, it is an internal trigger that brings us elsewhere. This door becomes evidence of a state of being, the creation of a metaphor”

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