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Stone School Gallery
Stone School Gallery
28, rue Mill St.
Portage-du-Fort (Québec)

Gallery hours:
11-4pm, Saturday and Sunday
Friday night vernissages: 6-8pm

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Ensemble, 2013 exhibitions
Connecting Artists in the Outaouais

In a series of five exhibition events from May to October 2013, Ensemble brings together more than 20 artists from the Outaouais and Ottawa Valley region. 

The exhibitions at the newly renovated Stone School Gallery feature such divergent mediums as land art, sculpture, installation art, textile art, drawing and painting and promise to be an exciting experience for all viewers. Included in the schedule are six "Artist's Talks" by featured Ensemble artists.

May 10 to June 2
Vernissage: May 10, 6-8 pm

May 10 to June 2, 2013
Ruby Ewen, Sally Lee Sheeks, Jelly Massee

Ruby Ewen &
Sally Lee Sheeks

Gestures and Branches

Upper Gallery. Oil on canvas, Drawing and assemblage in natural materials.

“In this series of paintings, I use the figure as a focus and elevate the gestural brushstroke, the foundation of my work, to the status of the completed painting.” ~ Ruby Ewen

“For Ensemble, I am studying the lines drawn by branches and wires and how these divide up our visual space.” ~ Sally Lee Sheeks

Artist talk - Ruby Ewen
Saturday, May 18, at 2 p.m
Ruby will give an introduction and explanation of this recent work and its generation followed by a question and answer session.

Artist talk - Sally Lee Sheeks
May 26, 3 p.m.
Sally will describe her creative process and the evolution of her work.

Jelly Massee
Historical Paintings

Lower Gallery. Acrylic and pen and ink.

These paintings will take you on a journey into the past showing the viewer the culture of the local area.

June 24 to July 14
Vernissage: June 28, 6-8 PM

June 24-July 14, 2013
Marc Walter, Rosemary Hynes Driscoll, Valerie Bridgeman

Marc Walter
A Sense of Space

Upper Gallery. Land-art.

Marc will be working in situ with organic materials and welcomes any interested visitors.

Artist talk - Marc Walter
June 24 -27: noon to 3 p.m.

Our Best Dam Art
Lower Gallery. Group exhibition.

A group exhibition showcasing the art of both emerging and seasoned members of the Pontiac Artists’ Association.


July 19 to August 11
Vernissage: July 19, 4-8 pm

July 19 to August 11, 2013
Jill Alexander, Robert Hinchley

Showcasing the Instructors
Upper Gallery. Group exhibition.

The talented instructors of the Pontiac School of the Arts display selected works.

On the Trail of Champlain: Riverscapes
Robert Hinchley
and other artists
Lower Gallery. Group exhibition.

A group show of plein air paintings by Robert Hinchley and other artists that explore river themes and 17th century colour palette.

August 16 to September 8
Vernissage: August 16, 6-8 PM

August 16 to September 8, 2013
Denis Charette, Dinorah Catzalco, Marcel Renaud,
Thérèsé André

Denis Charette &
Dinorah Catzalco

North and South,
Land of America

Upper Gallery

Master Sculptor and Algonquin artist Denis Charette sculpts wood to reveal the mysterious Algonquin world of cosmogony.

Dinorah Catzalco is a painter inspired by Mexican folklore. Discover her colorful world and artistic path.

Artist talk - Denis Charette
August 25, 2 p.m.
Presentation and discussion on the artistic background of Denis Charette.

Artist talk - Dinorah Catzalco
August 18, 2 p.m.

Marcel Renaud &
Thérèsé André

New Energy
Lower Gallery

An exhibition of the works in oil of Marcel Renaud and the watercolours of Thérèse André.


September 13 to October 6
Vernissage: September 13, 6-8 pm

Thoma Ewen, Gabby Ewen, Dale Shutt, Catharine Timm

Thoma Ewen & Gabby Ewen
Materia Linea
Upper Gallery

An exhibition of works by international textile artist Thoma Ewen and emerging textile artist Gabby Ewen presented in collaboration with La Triennale Internationale des Arts Textiles en Outaouais 2013 ‘MATRICES.’

Artist talk - Thoma Ewen &
Gabby Ewen
October 6, 2 p.m.
A talk about the Moon Rain Centre for Textile Arts, its projects and events, and the role that the textile arts play in the art world.

Dale Shutt & Catharine Timm
Following the Threads
Lower Gallery

Painted silk of Dale Shutt and fibre art landscapes of Catharine Timm.