Artists’ Residency Project 2015

July 20-24, 2015
Artists’ Residency Project

A week of sharing and making art

The Residency Week of 2015 was notable because of its predominantly painterly focus. It was attended by a group of 13 visiting artists who were highly talented and were mostly practicing artists. They were joined by many artists from the Pontiac Artists’ Association and everyone enjoyed the activities together. It was a positive experience to work with so many creative energies!

Joining seven hosts from the Pontiac region, visitors came from as far away as Gatineau, Ottawa, Montreal, Spencerville, Williamsburg, Westport, Deep River, Kingston, and Colorado, USA.

Activities for the week included many activities in painting and mixed media, all taking place in the beautiful Pontiac countryside or in the Stone School building. An innovation this year was the use of a CRCO grant to hire 2 professional teachers.

Each day was augmented with great food shared at picnic lunches or at potluck dinners in the homes of various PAA members. There was much sharing of portfolios and techniques, and many friendships developed through the week. The final exhibition took place at Art Brûlant and Impressions for the group show, River Journey.

The Artists’ Residency of 2015 was another successful week. Artists returned home to share their experiences with the circle of artists in their home environments. A week like this is invaluable because it reenergizes creativity, opens new doors, and inspires artistic growth.

2015 Residency week participants

Visiting artists:

Heide Murray, Colorado, USA
needle felting, painting

Anne Barkley, Williamsburg, ON
painting, encaustic

Chantal Auger, Montreal, QC
ceramic artist

Ninfa Nicol, Ottawa, ON

Krysia Kurylowicz, Manotick, ON

Lise Lamontagne, Gatineau, QC
painting, clay, encaustic

Donna Brown, Kingston, ON
painting, mixed media

Louise Cormier, Gatineau, QC
painting, mixed media

Lucie Bertrand, Gatineau, QC
painting, mixed media, encaustic

Sandy Woods, Ottawa, ON
encaustic, painting, mixed media

Sheila McGregor, Deep River, ON
painting, clay, print making

Shirley Mancino, Westport, ON
painting and mixed media

Shirley Yik, Ottawa, ON
painting, drawing, printmaking

PAA participating members:

Valerie Bridgeman
Martina Evans
Louise Guay
Richard Vezeau
Chris Seifried
Dale Shutt
Larry Evans
Cheryl Dolan
Cathy Dolan
Shannon Purcell
Kay Ranger
Carolyn Correia
Mario Correia
Elaine Gaudet
Tina Michaud
Mary Moore
Chris Lemieux
Linda Chapet
Katharine Fletcher
Annalee Ladouceur
Wayne Johnson
Eric Fletcher
Carol Howard Killoran
Mark Killoran
France Lamarche