2016 Exhibitions

May 14 – October 9

In a series of five exhibitions from May to October 2016, The Stone School Gallery brings together artists and artisans from the Outaouais and Ottawa Valley region and beyond.

The exhibitions at the newly renovated Stone School Gallery feature such divergent mediums as textile art, installation art, mixed media, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, painting and photography.

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May 14 – June 5, 2016

Upper Gallery


Chelsea Smith & Marilyn Smith

A mother and daughter pair of mixed-media artists engage viewers beyond the final products and deep into their process; revealing luscious layers, textures, and hues.

Lower Gallery


Jane Bonnell & Sheila McGregor

This exhibition will present artwork of both teacher and student, displaying a call and response of a relationship that grows into mentorship.

June 3 and 4
June 11, 12 & 18 19

Pontiac Artists’ Studio Tour 2016

Visit 2 artists at the Stone School Gallery and 11 more at their studios.

Linda Bergeron Baril

Oil, watercolour, acrylic www.lindabbaril.net

Rosemary (Hynes) Driscoll

Fused glass, watercolour, pastels, printmaking

June 24- July 17
Upper Gallery


Glen Hartle, Cindy Lottes, Juli Rowsell, Eric Fletcher, Bonnie Zimmerling,
Cheryl Dolan

Think you know the Pontiac? Through their photographs this group will convince you otherwise.

Lower Gallery


Jill Alexander (acrylic)
Diana Wakely (watercolour)
Bonnie Zimmerling (photography)

Varied subject matter interpreted through the individual creativity of 3 artists using 3 very different mediums.

July 22 – August 14
Upper Gallery


Jocelyn Anne Campbell, collage
Lise-Anne Bernatchez, collage

Paper, magazines, paint, color, collage, intuition and creativity are brought together in an exploration of nature in all its forms.

Lower Gallery


Catherine Timm, textile art
Rosemary (Hynes) Driscoll, fused glass

An exploration, in fibre and glass, of interwoven energies harnessed to guide the viewer into a new dimension.

August 19 – September 11
Upper Gallery


Karen Goetzinger, textile and fibre
Wendy Feldberg, textile and fibre

Textile and paper installations to stimulate reflection on edges—transitional spaces amidst natural elements marked by human habitation.

Lower Gallery


Textile installation
Julianna Joos, textile art

La Triennale Internationale des Arts Textiles en Outaouais 2016

In this installation of Jacquard weavings, visitors are invited to stroll through a labyrinth of over-sized bats, slowly pivoting in a random rhythm.

September 16 – October 9
Upper Gallery


Larry Evans, Louise Guay, Cindy Lottes, Bonnie Zimmerling, Linda Baril, Juli Rowsell, Glen Hartle, Lise-Anne Bernatchez, Melissa Nyveld

An annual group exhibition exploring the theme of « The Pontiac »


An exhibition showcasing the original artworks, in a 5” x 7” format, from the 2016 PAA ‘Works on Paper Exhibition and Exchange’.

Lower Gallery


Jeanne McTiernan, Fred Ryan, Dale Shutt, Cheryl Dolan, Claudette Spence, Cindy Lottes, Carol Bretzloff, Valerie Bridgeman, Kate Aley

An exhibition of juried works by members of the PAA. Opening at the Stone School Gallery, the exhibition will travel to other galleries in the Outaouais during 2016/17