2017 Exhibitions

May 5 – October 22

In a series of nine exhibitions from May to October 2017, The Stone School Gallery brings together artists and artisans from the Outaouais and Ottawa Valley region and beyond.

The exhibitions at the newly renovated Stone School Gallery feature such divergent mediums as mixed media, drawing, printmaking, pottery, painting, glass, collage, encaustic, stone sculpture, silk, paper art and photography.

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May 5 – 28

Upper Gallery

A Dance with Entropy

Cheryl Dolan & Glen Hartle

There is energy in the world that permeates everything and is present everywhere. Our exhibit will posit photography as a positive energy for the arts and propose that the medium is under duress from various sources whereby the entropy of photography is in danger.

Lower Gallery

The Artistry of
Recycled Paper

Carine De Pauw

I transform leaflets, advertisements and newspapers into papier-mâché which I use to construct panels and objects. I paint upon them, capturing the viewer’s eye, and thereby create a freeze-frame upon which the soul lights up and proceeds towards open-mindedness.

June 3 and 4

Art Portage

The Pontiac Artists’ Studio Tour in collaboration with the municipality of Portage-du-Fort is opening the doors of the Stone School on Mill Street to give you a sneak preview of what you will see during the 28th edition of the Tour along with other activities during the 2017 season. Visit this historic building and feast your eyes on some exciting new works.

June 10, 11 & 17,18

Pontiac Artists’ Studio Tour 2017

Visit 2 artists at the Stone School Gallery and 10 more at their studios.

Upper Gallery

Linda Bergeron Baril

Oil, watercolour, acrylic www.lindabbaril.net

Lower Gallery

Rosemary (Hynes) Driscoll

Fused glass, watercolour, pastels, printmaking

June 23 – July 30
Upper Gallery


Nicolas Grégoire

The natural process of erosion gives shape to elements in nature. Erosion is needed to maintain balance and is nature’s way of regenerating itself. This fascinating phenomenon also helps us grasp the shortness of our own existence.

Lower Gallery

Nature Extended

Rémi Girard

Using a new medium that I call “Phytrail” I have created works that combine the transparency of glass and polycarbonate with the vegetative world, mainly in a potpourri of colors, shapes and textures. Nuances, contrasts and luminosity: everything contributes to the extension of nature.

August 4 – September 10
Upper Gallery

Bring on Tenderness

Lucie Bertrand , encaustic
Louise Cormier acrylic, mixed media
André Guindon stone sculpture

Using words, flowers, wind, colour and stone, three visual artists bring their work and passion together under the theme of tenderness. The flourishing of a moment of generosity, abundance and gentleness; the blossoming of something invisible and precious that is deep and soothing to the soul; be it memories, a smiling child, a caress, a moment of humanity, a presence.

Lower Gallery

Layers of Legacy, In the Year One-Fifty of the Dominion

Glen Hartle, photography
Valerie Bridgeman, pottery, book arts

Nothing is less two-dimensional than the very personal understanding of legacy. This inter-generational, seemingly at odds, union of form offers a perspective both jarring and symbiotic.

September 15 – October 22
Upper Gallery

Dam Art: ‘My Canada’

Cheryl Dolan Acrylic / photography
Dale Shutt Painting on Silk / printmaking
Diana Wakely watercolour
Glen Hartle photography
Jill Alexander acrylic
Louise Guay printmaking
Valerie Bridgeman printmaking

Sharon Morgan, acrylic
Valeriya Khomar, acrylic

Jeanne McTiernan stained glass

This year, to mark Canada’s sesquicentennial celebration, this annual exhibition of members’ work will focus on the artists’ sense of what it means to be Canadian.

Lower Gallery

A Panoramic view of Life

Bonnie Zimmerling
Diana Wakely
Jill Alexander

A three-woman show depicting life as interpreted via snapshots in time. Jill Alexander, working in textured acrylics, and Diana Wakley, in watercolors, capture the essence of select photographic works of Bonnie Zimmerling.