ArtPontiac (Pontiac Artists’ Association) is looking for artists and craftspeople to exhibit at the Stone School Gallery in Portage-du-Fort this season as well as at our two off site venues, Hoffman’s  Campbell’s Bay) and Cafe 349 (Shawville.  In terms of capacity, this means 3 or 4 exhibitions at the Stone School, three at Hoffman’s and monthly at the Cafe.  A full agenda!


Artists are invited to apply for solo/duo/group shows at our main Gallery in the Stone School, 28 Mill Street, Portage du Fort. Exhibitions are 4 to 5 weeks depending on the schedule. You must be a Member of artPontiac to exhibit. The fee to exhibit at the Stone School is $100 per week, and (new his year) a tiered system, adding a 15% commission on sales over $1000.  This way profitable artists will pitch in a bit more, a model used in other organizations which reflects our current need to recover costs.  As a Not-For-Profit group, all our activities depend on volunteer help from our Members.  Consequently, all artists involved in an Exhibition at the Stone School Gallery (or in the Gallery Shop) are required to spend at least 3 days at the Gallery, over the course of their Show, or another show if this is necessary, to greet guests and provide information about the Show and artPontiac.


In 2023, Todd Hoffman installed a high end  hanging system on the walls of the restaurant at his Brewery which boasts a bright and modern backdrop for art.  We held three shows there last year.  The Brewery is open from June to September, from Thursday to Saturday each week, creating three spaces for exhibiting this summer.  Hoffman’s offered a small window for showing, but a lot of traffic in terms of potential customers.  Shows last 4-5 weeks.  Please note that there is no fee or commission on the sale of your work at the Brewery.  The Brewery also offers a very reasonable menu for holding your Vernissage.  Todd can also arrange for local musicians to provide a backdrop to your opening.

There is also a small area available for displaying a limited number of cards and crafts. with the decision on what work to accept in that space resting with Todd.   We look forward to helping Todd cover the walls with colorful work of our talented members, whatever the medium, this summer.

CAFE 349

For many years a valuable space for our artists to show  their work,  the Café is open from Monday to Saturday throughout the year, from 9 to 2 pm.   Last year we increased the number of openings for shows and added space in the front of the Café for crafts.   Artists are also able to arrange to rent the space for a Vernissage  and work with owner Ruth Hahn regarding catering.

The fee to exhibit at the Café this year is $65 per month-long show. There is also a 15% commission on all sales that goes to the Café.

Book your space!   The schedule for 2024 will include 11 solo or group shows, with December dedicated to a mixed media Christmas show for all Members.  Applications are accepted year round, so if you are unable to secure space this season, your application will be put on the list for next year

So far, we have accepted applications for 5 exhibitions this year.  We encourage you to get in touch as soon as possible, so we can let you know what months are available  We hope to have the calendar filled soon.   The sooner you know you have the space available the sooner you can start planning  and creating new work for your shows!

Other opportunities for selling your work

There are also opportunities to display a small number of hung pieces, crafts and cards at both Willow Lane Alpacas (Route 148, Bristol, QC) and The Flower Factory (Raglan Street, Renfrew).  There is no commission on sales at Willow Lane, but a 15% commission applies at the Flower Factory.


Some basic rules apply when submitting your request to exhibit at any of our venues:

  1. All artists with work in an exhibition must be current Members of artPontiac.   You may sign up on our Members page on our website.
  2. All work in an exhibition must be original (no reproductions) and mar not have been previously shown at any of our previous Exhibitions..
  3. You may apply for a Solo exhibition or as a group of 2 or more artists. Preference will be given to proposals created around a theme representing a cohesive body of new works.  Please send separate applications if you are applying for more than one exhibition.

Download the application form or copy / paste the text below and forward the completed application to

You may also ask us to send the form to you by email.

Venue:   Please ensure that you have indicated whether you are applying for the Stone School Gallery, Hoffman’s or Cafe 349.

DEADLINE for Application(s):  FRIDAY, MARCH 1, 2024

Please provide all the information requested and submit by email to

First Name:   Last Name:
Town/City:   Postal Code:
Email:   Phone:
  • If applicable, please include your Web site and social media links.

Venue:  Please indicate whether you are applying for our main venue, the Stone School Gallery, Hoffman’s or Cafe 349.

Title:   Please state the title of your show along with a brief overview of description of the theme or focus of the proposed Exhibition.

Type of show (Solo, Duo or Group (3+):

Note: For shows with more than one artist, please include a list of all other participants, including their contact information (email and telephone number).

Medium(s):   Please indicate what type of work will be included in the exhibition.  We are able to include work on plinths and other display tables, as needed.

Samples of your Work:   Please attach 2 high resolution digital images (JPEG only) from each participating artist when submitting your Application. Images should be of work created in the past 3 years) but do not have to be work that will be part of the proposed 2023 Exhibition.  Please label each image using the artist’s initials and title.

Exhibition Inventory:  If your Application is accepted, you will be asked to provide a list (in the form of a spreadsheet) of all work, indicating the Title, Medium and Price for each item included in the Exhibition at least 3 weeks prior to opening.  This is to allow us time to enter the information to our Square system to be able to process sales.  We use your initials (ideally 3) to create a unique ID which will be the preface for each item listed.   

Artist(s) Profile: Please include your CV (if applicable) and/or a short overview of your involvement with art which tells the reader about your interest and reason for pursuing the art or crafts you create. If you need help, please contact us at