Meet artPontiac’s new President!

STEPHANIE PETE  has a Fine Arts degree from OCAD University with a major in Drawing and Painting and a minor in Integrated Media. She entered with a scholarship, earned a third year proficiency in painting award, and was also honored with an award of Recognition for her contributions to the university community. 

While at university, Stephanie was contending with the repercussions from several head injuries and became an awareness advocate for students with disabilities. As a result of her work with students and staff related to accessibility issues, Stephanie rounded out her university experience by working at the committee and working group level. At the same time she was raising her young child as a single parent. 

In 2009 Stephanie became an elected student representative on the university’s Board of Governors. Upon graduating, Stephanie has worked in inclusive design research and as a design consultant, and founded an arts collective consisting of artists and environmental scientists which facilitated several artist talks. 

In 2014 she and her young son moved to rural Ontario where Stephanie was able to reconnect with her roots. Before opening a small creative arts school where she now runs classes and day camps, she worked full time on several dairy farms, and now is also employed as support staff at two school boards as a supply teacher and support for students with disabilities. 

Stephanie is a nature lover who has been creating representational paintings of birds of Ontario and Quebec for two years. She had a solo exhibition in 2022 at the Arbor Gallery in Vankleek Hill, ON, and was thrilled to participate in the artPontiac exhibit Animalia, in 2023. She is an advocate for artists and believes in the importance of arts communities, public art, art education and work and training opportunities for artists.