Membership Policy

The Pontiac Artists’ Association’s mandate is to offer a program of cultural activities related to visual arts and crafts. It also promotes all artists and the arts in the region.


a) Association
This term means the Pontiac Artists’ Association and all activities for which it is the agent.

b) School
This refers to the Stone School which is the building located at 28 Mill Sreet, Portage‐du‐Fort.

c) Visual Arts
The visual arts include research and creation in painting, sculpture, drawing, illustration, fibre arts, photography, installation, animation, printmaking, performance and other forms of expression which are similar.

d) Crafts
The crafts include practical research and development related to the form and function, materials, the expressive value of the object and to the use of traditional and non‐traditional techniques and their interpretation in an innovative production.

e) Professional Artist
The Act respecting the professional status of artists in visual arts, crafts and literature and their contracts with promoters (LSQ,c S‐32.01) defines a professional artist as any person who declares himself a professional artist, produces works on his own behalf, whose works are exhibited, produced, published, performed in public or marketed by a promoter and receives recognition by his peers, an honourable mention, award, prize, scholarship, appointment to an adjudication committee or an invitation to participate in a salon or by any other similar means. Also, the artist or writer who is a professional member of a recognized association or is part of a group recognized under the Act is deemed a professional artist.

f) Emerging Artist:
An artist who aspires to obtain the status of professional artist.

g) Non-Professional Artist
An artist creating and producing in the context of cultural recreation who does not aspire to become professional or is temporarily considered not professional.

h) Professional in culture or in art
All independent producers, cultural workers or other professionals involved in the creation, the production or the dissemination of visual arts or crafts.

i) Cultural or Artistic organisation
Any organisation whose mandate is to support cultural or artistic activities.


Membership in the association aims to provide activities and services to artists and organisations wishing to use the premises or equipment belonging to the association. Any person or organisation can also become a member and participate in organizing activities.

Anyone can become a member who:

  • Is interested in supporting or participating in the association’s activities;
  • Adheres to the objectives and rules of the association;
  • Is accepted by the board of directors;
  • Pays the annual fee.

Membership categories

Individuals wishing to join the first two categories must be visual or craft artists as defined in this membership policy.

Voting members:

a. Professional Artists
All artists who meet the definition stated above.

b. Associate Artists
Includes emerging artists, non‐professional artists and cultural workers as defined above.

c. General Members
Non-artists as invited by the Board of Directors who participate directly on committees organizing and promoting PAA activities.

Members in these categories may:

  • Receive privileged information;
  • Benefit from a $10 discount when renting space in the Stone School;
  • When available obtain a rebate when registering for courses or workshops organized by the association;
  • Get inside information about courses held at the school but that are not organized by the association.

Artist members only:

  • Be invited to submit their application first in order to be part of the association’s activities (lectures, exhibitions, etc);
  • Be informed of all grant applications and other information that could help them in their practice and/or career.
  • Benefit from the association’s support of their efforts in promotion and networking (contacts, cultural inclusion in the Outaouais directory, etc).

Membership responsibilities

  • Membership will be renewed on an annual basis. Each artist must complete and send the membership form along with a current resume of artistic activities.
  • The application will be considered by the board. Once accepted, the member must pay the fees for his/her category.

Non-voting members

a. Friends of the Association
Includes individuals, corporations or organizations that wish to support the arts.

The members of these categories will:

  • Have access to the association’s information bulletins;
  • Be kept informed of activities undertaken by the association and the school;
  • Receive a $10 discount on the rental of space in the school.

Membership responsibilities

  • Members must fill out the application form each year and pay their dues.