Greetings everyone ..  this is the season catchup Newsletter, in which we review events since the closing of our last exhibition at the Stone School Gallery and Shop at the end of the September.  We had a very busy summer and tried to keep you posted via our website and social media (mainly Facebook).   

NOTICE OF SPECIAL MEETING   9 November, 6-8 pm.

In case you missed it, this is a reminder of the SPECIAL MEETING for artPontiac Members, other artists and the larger community to review issues we face which affect the  future of artPontiac.

The meeting will take place on THURSDAY 9 November, from 6:00 – 8:00 pm.  We welcome your participation in person at the Stone School.  Doors open at 5:30 for refreshments.   


  1. Please let us know as soon as possible if you plan on attending in person or wish to be added to the invitation list for ZOOM.  Your response should be sent to; and,
  1. Funding is only part of our issues –  the biggest gap is hands on support from you, our Members.   Volunteers are needed for the Board positions and programme delivery: Finances, Fundraising, Gallery/Shop Scheduling, Setup/Takedown, Supervision), Inventory Management, Membership, Promotion, Communications, Translation/Proof Reading.

Please consider what you could do to help spread the work, from home, without taking too much from your already busy lives.   No offer of help is too small. Many tasks can be done online, from a distance.  You can sign up to do something once or more often. Please indicate tasks where you could help. Most effort is needed in Spring and Summer. Cafe349 operate all year.

Coupled with the decision from MRC regarding the Lease Agreement for the Stone School, a small contribution from many of you means continued growth and recognition for artPontiac, which means you, the artists at its heart.

Note that the Special Meeting will be held in the Shop, on the lower level of the Gallery,  to accommodate those who are not able to navigate the stairs.

Finally, if  you are unable to attend but have questions  would like to provide comments or discuss how you can help, please feel free to contact our President, Cheryl Beillard (613 649-2437) or our Vice-President,  Claire Taillefer ((819) 648-2398).   


Cafe 349, Shawville     On now, until Saturday, November 18, we are featuring the work of well known local artist Jelly Massee.  Stop by for lunch and enjoy her beautifully rendered coloured pencil drawings and acrylic paintings.  She has also added some of her unique leather bags and a selection of her jewellery.   Next up will be artPontiac’s CHRISTMAS SHOW from 20 Nov to the 23rd December We are now inviting you to contact us to tell us if you would like to have work in the Show.

Important Change  This is also time to note that the Stone School Winter Market, originally planned for November, has been cancelled in favour of concentrating on the group show at the Cafe.   We are just too busy with preparations for the Special Meeting, grant applications and the Annual General Meeting (30 November), to do the Winter Market justice.  Next year, we hope!


We are booking now for shows at the Cafe in 2024.  If you are interested, please let us know by email at    All we need at this time is the type of work and your preference in terms of  timing.   We would like to have the calendar for 2024 booked by the end of December.   

That’s it for now.   We encourage you, if you care about artPontiac and its long history in the region,  to join us on 9 November, in person or by Zoom, to resolve the issues that threaten our otherwise rosy future.