September 14 ( cancelled)

Your day will be spent making leaf prints which will be ready to put into a quilt, table runner, placemats, clothing, etc. We will use a pigment system called Colour Vie™. These pigments were developed by Gunnel Hag and are readily available from her. Paints will be included in the kit fee for this class and information will be provided if you wish to later purchase your own supplies. These pigments have a transparent quality, and alter the hand of the fabric very little, leaving it still very soft. An added bonus is they clean up easily with water.

KIT FEE:  $15.00 for dyes and other incidentals, payable to instructor

SUPPLY LIST for the student:

  • Prepared for dyeing (PFD) fabric – You will need to ask specifically for PFD fabric. It can be found online.  White batik fabric will work as well.  You can also prepare you fabric by washing in your washing machine in hot water with a detergent that is free from dyes, perfumes, and softeners. Repeat with one more washing then dry in your dryer. Removing fabric when it’s still a bit damp and press it. You can use beige or light coloured background fabric for your prints but the print is going to take on some colour from the background fabric due to the transparent quality of the pigments. Bring some scrap fabric for experimenting and/or extra blocks of the sizes you are working with just in case pieces do not turn out as anticipated.  Light tone on tone fabrics will work as well and take on a different effect with the dye over the printed surface
  • You could also consider printing on 100% cotton t-shirts or sweat shirts; however you will need to protect any surfaces underneath. The will need to be prepared for dyeing as well.
  • Brush (sponge or paint) – I used 1” foam brushes from the Dollar Store. – used for applying dye to leaves
  • 1 fine brush if you have it to maybe add detail or a stem. I will have one to borrow if you need it.
  • A roll of paper towel – preferably white
  • Some clothes pegs if you have them (a dozen should do) – I have extras and will bring them if you need them.
  • If you have a clothes horse that is easily transported you could bring it. I have managed to acquire several that we can share.
  • Wear old clothes that you do not mind if you get some dye on them – or bring an apron
  • A selection of leaves in different shapes and sizes (make sure they have good veins on the back and are not brittle). Maple leaves are usually good. I would suggest picking the leaves in the morning before the class so they do not dry out overnight.  Bring extras to share.
  • Bring newspapers to protect you work area. You will probably freshen your newspaper periodically.



  • Precut your block sizes that you plan to use. You can use any pattern you choose with a large center block.  I would suggest maybe cutting your blocks slightly bigger (approx. 1”) and trimming them up later to the correct size.  It is a little easier to center the design by trimming after, but this is entirely up to you.
    • For the placemats I ended with 11” finished. In hindsight I would maybe try for 10” finished
    • Don’t forget to cut extras and/or cut some practice pieces


Beth Cameron

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