Earth Spirits

October 16 and 17, 9am to 4pm

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To introduce artists of all levels to the fascinating world of ground mineral watercolour on synthetic paper.

Learning Activities:

Using synthetic paper with mineral based watercolour is a unique and fascinating look into an everchanging dynamic that reveals subtle nuances of imagery. It is a meditative way to paint that invites fascination and thinking way outside the box. It is a new and cutting-edge medium that invites exploration regardless of skill level or knowledge of the medium.  This platform is not recommended for very young artists due to the patience and application knowledge needed to work with this type of painting.

Integrated with First Nations practices, this art class will bring Earth based understanding about the medium and about life through the lens of the First Nations culture. This understanding comes from an artist who practices her culture within her art on a daily basis. We will use meditative drumming, smudging and more to enhance our learning about the subtle energies of creation while learning how to manipulate Earth-based minerals and water to create beautiful art.

Material costs: $20.00 per person to instructor by etransfer, Visa, MasterCard or Debit

Kit includes:

  • synthetic paper in bookmark 8×10 and 16×20 sizes (use as many pieces as you’d like),
  • ground mineral watercolour paints,
  • brushes.

Student brings: 

  • 3×3″ square cut paper towel pieces
  • 2 large pieces of cardboard to protect their work when they leave the class.
  • If people have specific watercolour paint brushes they prefer to use, they are welcome to bring those with them
  • Extra paper will be made available for anyone wishing to purchase more sheets to continue practicing


Duration of the course – 2 days @ 6 hrs per day.
Student Level – All Levels aged Teen +
Number of students  12-15

Language:  Instructor English accompanied by a French Host

Instructor: Colleen Gray


Registration fee: Members $120.00, non-members $140.00


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