Whimsical Pot Stake

June 14

With Jeanne McTiernan


“Whimsical pot stake” (either the bird or the flower)

Objective:  The students will learn to cut and grind glass, use a copper foil technique with lead to assemble their project. They will also learn wire wrapping and bead work to embellish their finished work.


Awareness of the various steps involved in making a stained glass project.  Learning some basic glass cutting and wire wrapping techniques.  This is a beginners class with an introduction to the various tools used by glass cutters.


Will be provided at a cost of $15 per student

Material includes:

  • glass
  • glass beads
  • glass nuggets
  • 14g copper wire
  • 20g tinned wire
  • copper foiling
  • lead
  • flux
  • cleaning compound
  • glass wax

Students can bring their own latex gloves and protective eye glasses if they want.

Duration of the course:   1 day, 10 am – 4 pm.
Student Level:  beginner
Maximum Number of participants:   8
Language:  English and French
Instructor: Jeanne McTiernan

If you have any questions please email artschool@artpontiac.com

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