2023 Application for Exhibition


ArtPontiac (Pontiac Artists’ Association) is looking for artists and craftspeople to exhibit at the Stone School Gallery in Portage-du-Fort in 2023. Artworks exhibited must be original (no reproductions) and not previously shown at The Stone School Gallery. Exhibitors must be a member of artPontiac and submit a proposal by March 1, 2023.

You may apply for a solo exhibition or as a group of 2 or more artists. Preference will be given to proposals created around a theme representing a cohesive body of new works. Please send a separate application for each show you apply for.

Download the application form or copy / paste the text below and email with the appropriate elements completed.

Or contact galerie@artpontiac.com to receive the application by email

Deadline for application(s): March 1, 2023

Send the application by email to: galerie@artpontiac.com

Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered.

All Exhibitors must be a member of artPontiac.

Please provide all the information requested and submit by email to galerie@artpontiac.com

First Name:   Last Name:
Town/City:   Postal Code:
Email:   Phone:
  • If applicable, please include your Web site and social media links.

Title: Please state the title of your show and provide a brief description of the theme and focus of your proposed Exhibition.

Type of show (Solo, Duo or Group (3+):

Note: For shows with more than one artist, please attach a list of all other participants, including their contact information (email and telephone number).

Medium(s): Please indicate the medium(s) that will be presented in your exhibition.

Artwork Description List: Please provide a list of the art being submitted by each artist, numbering each item, including Title, Medium, Dimensions and year produced.

Images: Please attach 2 high resolution digital images (JPEG only) from each artist to your email when submitting your application. Images should be recent (created in the past 3 years) but do not have to be work that will be part of the proposed 2023 Exhibition. Each image must be labelled using the artist’s initials, title and the number (1, 2).

Background: Please include your CV (if applicable) and/or a short overview of your involvement with art which tells the reader about your interest and reason for pursuing the art or crafts you create. If you need help, please contact us at galerie@artpontiac.com.

All applications must include ALL of the above information to be considered.

Deadline for application: 1 Mar 2023