The Way I Work – 3D Collage GERALDINE CLASSEN

We are really pleased to be able to provide this exciting opportunity to learn something new and also provide some much needed resources for artPontiac this summer.  Geraldine Classen, one of our founding artists, with studios and many years of exhibiting here and in Mexico, will open her barn studio by the river in Portage du Fort for a one day workshop. In the morning, she will demonstrate how she uses acrylics and found articles, including photographs, to create stunning 3D collages.  The afternoon will give participants a chance to start a project, using their own ideas and materials. 

Many of Geraldine’s pieces have a poignancy which comes from their focus on the buildings and homes of Portage du Fort, and the families who lived in them. This method has a lot of appeal for those interested in documenting their family history.  Others will simply want to learn the technique to add items relevant to themes of their work.  

Join us for demonstration at 10:00 am. A light lunch with refreshments will be on offer, or bring your own. and refreshments, followed by an afternoon for  participants to start their own projects.

Materials  Artists are asked to bring one or more small wood panels, 1” depth, some photocopies of family photos, a drawing or photo of their home, as well as other small items that could be attached to the collage. Keys, buttons, stones, and textiles work well.

Cost  $100 for the day.  

It’s a Fund Raiser Too!  This year, artPontiac, like many other applicants for assistance in hiring summer students, received only 8 weeks of funding, rather than the usual 12.  All funds raised from the day at Geraldine’s River Studio will go to keep our summer student, Perlicia Drouin, working through August.  Perl is doing a great job as the face of artPontiac at the Shop and this is a great way for you to have fun, learn something new and helping to keep her on throughout the summer.    

To save your space, please send the registration fee to If you can’t make, it, please consider sending us a donation.  Please put Geraldine Classen
in the area for comments so it is clear what the money is for. 

Space is limited to 15 people.  Hoping we have a full house for a fun day which results in another month with the Perl of the Stone School Shop!