Escaping the Tyranny of the Edition – Roger Sutcliffe

Saturday, July 24, 2021, 2 p.m.

Stone School Gallery

Printmaking is a matrix-based operation with the artist determining the image upon the physical matrix whether for example it is wood, stone, or metal plate. Traditionally, the matrix is utilized for printing editions, producing a determined number of exactly repeated impressions.

The expressive capabilities of printmaking are limitless, and printmaking stands an art form lending itself to experimentation and variation in execution, going beyond the historical concern for replication. Drawing on examples from contemporary art history I will discuss how experimentation has been exploited by artists and pushed further in contemporary printmaking and print installations. Given my conscious or subconscious compulsion to continually explore and my analytical and research approaches reflected in my work, the COVID-19 crisis has given time in my studio to reflect and experiment patiently, and I will discuss my own printmaking practice and exhibition.