interconneXion – Eight artists – One steamroller – Laurence Finet

Saturday June 12, 2021, 2 p.m.

Stone School Gallery

Under the umbrella of artPontiac and with the support of the Conseil des arts du Québec, the interconneXion project brought together seven printmakers and a videographer. These artists explored the connections to their community, their environment, and also the connections among themselves and with the public. In this talk, I will tell you the story of this project from its birth to its culmination, the day when we printed our large plates under a steamroller in the streets of Shawville in the summer of 2020 until today, at the exhibition of these artworks.

Each artist chose to interpret this theme in ways that reflect their own art practices as well as the places where they live and their life experiences. This is how I chose to approach this project.

“All things are connected” and I drew inspiration from the connection human beings have with each other and with their environment. This interconnection materializes in the fluid –blood, water or sap- connecting humans to the land they are part of.