Show Time

August 21 –September 19, 2021

Vernissage August 20, 2021


Show Time

Valerie Bridgeman, Dale Shutt, Rob Hinchley, Freida Hjartarson, Frances E Cherry, Jo-anne Caldwell, Sylvia Bretzloff, Louise Guay


In 2020, artPontiac offered some of their courses on line for the first time. The students from the “Exploring Woodcut Printmaking” course with printmaker Rob Hinchley have put together an exhibition of the prints made during the course.


In addition to the vernissage, the artists will be present on the following:

Rob Hinchley: August 21

Frances E Cherry: August 22

Freida Hjartarson: August 28

Dale Shutt: September 11

Sylvia Bretzloff: September 19

Gallery Hours: Saturdays and Sundays, from 11 am to 4 pm