Exhibitions~Expositions 3

August 23- September 15

Vernissage August 23, 6-8 pm

Glen Hartle

 “The Fulcrum of Affirmations”

An art installation linking commitment and affirmation that will both comfort and distress.

The white noise world within which we find ourselves – at times willingly and at times not – has led us far away from the power of simplicity. This art installation of photography and mixed media invites visitors to consider their part in the social dialog by positing affirmations as the base element which can free us from a looming destiny not-to-our-liking while at the same time reaffirming our identity and rejecting the self-defense which has become the norm in our social existence. Join artist Glen Hartle and acquaint yourselves with his vision of commitment, one which will both comfort and distress.

Photography, wood, mixed media

August 23- September 15

Vernissage August 23, 6-8 pm


Rob Hinchley, Valerie Bridgeman, Louise Guay, Sylvia Bretzloff, Jacques Hamel, Anne Thériault, Murray Dineen, Dale Shutt, Rosemary Hynes Driscoll

The terrain of our surroundings offers geographical and botanical inspiration. The printer’s plate is also a terrain that offers variation from the ground to the surface, the low to the high. To this the printmaker adds the emotional texture. The artists in this exhibition follow a variety of artistic paths; the literal, the abstract and the imaginary. In “Terrain” they reveal their impressions of their world using a variety of printing processes.

Various printmaking techniques