Call of the Turtle – auction!

There’s still time to get in on the Call of the Turtle auction! Check out the details below!

Welcome to the Call of the Turtle auction. Bids start at $100 and are in increments of $10. Visit this page each morning to see the current status & bid amount. Bidding ends at the Stone School Gallery at 4:00 pm on Sunday August 21 and bidding ends online at 5:00 pm on Sunday August 21.

Successful bids will be announced later in the day on Sunday August 21.

Current Bid:
WETLANDS GIRL Acrylic on canvas Deborah Reed $150.00
SPOTTED TURTLE Acrylic on canvas Susan Hay $200.00
GIFT CARDS     $100.00
HANDWOVEN SCARF   Anonymous donor $100.00
TURTLES DREAMING Acrylic on canvas Cheryl Ann Beillard $100.00