Dans le cadre – Taunyee Robbins

Taunyee Robbins is an artist with a long association with artPontiac, having lived in Shawville and Bristol before moving to Ottawa. She has worked in multiple mediums over the years but sculpture has been her focus for many years. She’s a member of the National Capital Network of Sculptors and the Ottawa Guild of Potters. You can find more of her creations on her Facebook page.

Taunyee’s work has been exhibited in the past at the main Gallery and we are delighted that we will have some of her sculptures available in the Shop this year. She’s on her way to Marrakech today and will miss our opening Gala (2 June) so yesterday I stopped by to pick up four fabulous sculptures for the Stone School Shop. A delightful couple of hours was spent in conversation, discussing her journey as a painter and sculptor. I had a tour of her studio and work in progress but was also able to admire the work on her walls. Getting to know individual artists and to have a window into their worlds is a gift and the biggest perk of volunteering with artPontiac.