Felted Wall Hangings

Course is postponed to Spring 2022

Participants from any background will learn how to create personal, aerial maps of the

Pontiac using a 4 layered wet felting process, plastic resists, scissors and other tools.




The objective and course outline of the workshop is to better connect participants to the local history, culture, geography, and nature of the Pontiac region. Drawing our inspiration from images of ancient artifacts, aerial maps, and photos available from local historical, cultural and heritage groups, participants will create a personal “map” of the Pontiac region.

Using an assortment of fibres, e.g. alpaca and sheep wool, cellulose (linen/hemp), paper and the mediums of wet-felting, hand-stitching, and easy embroidery, participants will create a bas-relief map: when finished (approximately 20” wide  x 24” long/ 50.8cm x 61cm) that connects their personal history and/or location to that of the Pontiac region.

Individuals interested in taking this workshop could include artists concerned about sustainable art-making, those who enjoy wet-felting, making collages, low reliefs (bas-relief), tracing, stitching and needlework, as well as members of the general population who are curious about local history, maps, archaeology, nature, boats, fishing, and river development including transportation.

Materials:  $20.00

  • Felt (protein fibres): 4-5 layers – $15 (one layer of neutral – base); (one layer of neutral plus blue); (one layer of light grey/light brown mix); (one layer of dark grey, brown, green); plus black & white; assortment of mixed colours from instructor’s large excess pile.
  • Cellulose (plant fibres): $1.85 for embellishment
  • Tracing paper – $3.15 for 5 sheets 20 x 24” (pre-cut)
  • Resist material: free
  • Netting material: free

Participants should bring:

Pencils, rulers, scissors, glue, bubble wrap, 2 towels, olive soap, personal photos/images, artifacts for copying, tracing, two bowls – 1 large & 1 med size, embroidery floss, yarn, thread, needles

Instructor brings

Images, felt, cellulose fibres, netting, carving scissors, carving tools, tracing paper, resist material, template samples, felting samples with bas-relief.

Teacher: Janet Tulloch @fibrelass on Facebook & Instagram



Duration of the course – 3 days @ 6 hrs per day.
Student Level – All Levels
Number of students  – 12

Language:  Instructor English accompanied by a French Host


Registration fee: Members $180.00, non-members $210.00


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