Collagraph Printmaking

August 15,16,17,18

Rob Hinchley

This course will offer participants the opportunity to develop their skills with Collagraph Printmaking methods.
Learn about collagraph printmaking techniques, and colour printing, and chine collé will be done on various fine papers. The Stone School etching press will be used as Variable Editions are developed.

Instructor supplied Materials (fee to the instructor $30.00)

Collagraph Plates (various sizes)
Collagraph materials and acrylic gel.
Inks –
Registration sheet
Clean-up materials

Student supplied materials (available at Wallack’s and Deserres)

-Rubber gloves, paper towel roll, wax paper roll.
-Printmaking paper- 3 to 5 sheets (22×30”) 250grm apprx- Suggested brands -BFK Rieves, Stonehenge, Revier,
-Thin coloured and found papers for chine colle’
-Various paint brushes (there will be some brushes available for your use)
-Collograph Materials- textured fabrics, dry plant material, seeds, sand, feathers, lace, string, plastic, recycled materials, etc. (there will be various collograph materials for your use).
-Sketchbook – 9×12” to 11”x14” 90LB proofing paper (the kind you can tear the paper out)
-Felt marker and pencil.

Duration of the course: 4 days, 9 am – 4 pm.
Student Level: beginner / intermediate
Maximum Number of participants: 6
Language: English (with French assistance as needed)
Instructor: Rob Hinchley