Pigment in our luggage: Introduction to inks and other transparent mediums

Instructors: Joanne Migneault and Josée Prud’homme

Date: March 24 and 25, 2018 from 9 am to 4 pm
Duration : 12 hours
Deadline for registration : March 15, 2018
Registration cost : $175.00 includes cost of material of $100 / participant
Real value of the workshop per participant : $600
Location :  Stone School, 28 Mill Street, Portage-du-Fort

To register: 
By mail:  Cheque made to the Pontiac Artists’ Association, Box 1063,  Shawville, Qc , J0X 2Y0
By Paypal:  artpontiac.com


This workshop is made possible thanks to the financial contribution of Emploi Québec and Culture Outaouais.

Targeted clientele : 
Professional artists and emerging artists in visual arts.
This workshop is made possible thanks to the financial contribution of Emploi Québec


These spontaneous explorations will become the starting point for future projects.


We will initiate you to different techniques using acrylic inks (normal finish, metallic, pearl or iridescent), China ink, Indian inks and alcohol-based inks on precious papers, recycled papers, canvas, textured materials, and various non-porous materials.  We will explore techniques and instruments which will help to create interesting effects, features and prints.  Finally, we will examine different ways to integrate ink-based materials into mixed mediums art pieces.


  • Become more cognisant in the use of various techniques such as Indian ink, traditional Chinese methods, Sumi ink, acrylic ink, alcohol-based inks, watercolours and transparent watercolours.
  • Prepare home-made inks.
  • Explore the use of inks on various mediums such as precious papers, recycled papers, Bristol, canvas, non-porous materials.
  • Explore the possibilities to express messages via transparent mediums.
  • Learn about the use of different and unorthodox tools to apply inks: a draw-line, sharp or bevelled metallic pens, a syringe, old distorted brushes, a blade, a spraying bottle, your fingers.
  • Develop spontaneous movements that are expressive and dynamic.
  • To create a series of plates that will become a visual reference for future use.
  • Learn to integrate the techniques tested to art pieces using mixed mediums in either abstract or figurative techniques.


  • We ask participants to bring:
  • Old Shoes
  • Brushes of various sizes (at a minimum, brushes for acrylic; if they have brushes for watercolours, they can bring them also)
  • An apron
  • A bottle with a vaporizer
  • A roll of paper towel
  • Your lunch


  • Optional:
  • A few pairs of latex gloves (strongly suggested as the inks can be messy and some of them are hard to wash out).
  • An old painting on canvas (or covered cardboard) that you do not like, small format (no more than 16 x 20) that could be transformed.