Next up at Cafe 349 – Welcome to Eric and Katharine Fletcher's World!

Starting Monday, July 31   Eric and Katharine Fletcher’s art exhibition invites you to a world of magic and mystery – and provides insights into the couple’s view of their world.

Photographer Eric Fletcher is known for his “tiny planets” – made up of 45 individual photographs “stitched together” electronically to create circular landscapes. For instance, discover rapids along the Dumoine River, or a wintery scene depicting Pontiac’s historic Horse Railway.

Katharine Fletcher describes herself as a “fanciful dreamer” for good reason. One of artPontiac’s founding members, she is a mixed-media artist, printmaker — and also enjoys “painting” fired, colourful ceramics. Her goal is to spread joy and a deep appreciation of Nature through presenting her dancing spirit horses, mystical beings and enchanted landscapes.

The couple live at Spiritwood, their hobby farm located north of Quyon, Quebec, where they are dedicated to nurturing a wildlife sanctuary adjacent to Gatineau Park.

Enjoy Welcome to our World! at Shawville’s Café 349 from Monday 31 July to Saturday,  August 26th. 349 Main St., Shawville, QC, Canada, Quebec; (819) 647-6424.