June 12 – July 11, 2021

Vernissage June 11, 2021

Rob Hinchley, Valerie Bridgeman, Laurence Finet, Susan Cartwright, Dale Shutt, Louise Guay, Tina Petrovicz, and Glen Hartle


In 2020 seven Outaouais printmakers carved 14 woodblocks and printed them using a steam roller on Main Street in Shawville. This is the premiere exhibition of the 3’ x 2’ prints. The theme uniting the project is interconnection. The prints highlight the artists’ connection with community, history, nature and the environment. The theme also allowed the artists to explore the interconnection between artist and viewer, and the special connection among printmakers, a medium where collaboration has been common for centuries.

The whole process was filmed by videographer Glen Hartle and the video will be shown during the exhibition.


This project was made possible by generous funding from