Felted Ruffled Scarf


August 18

At the end of this workshop, you will return home with a dreamy, light and comfortable scarf.

This is an easy project that does not require experience. You will learn how to create a three-dimensional structure on a scarf using gathers. These can be light and jagged or more dense – depending on the amount of wool used. For a short, light scarf, of the type we will be making in this workshop, about 1 oz. or 110 grams of uncarded wool will be needed in total – half the amount of the beret! 110 gram uncarded merino wool kits (3 colors) will be available from the instructor for approximately $ 15 – taxes included. * This will produce a scarf approximately 33 inches or 84 cm long after shrinking – long enough and easy to pin in front.

* Price will vary based on costs of uncarded wool at the time of workshop in August 2020 and the possibility of obtaining a discount remise from the seller.

Janet Tulloch

All levels
Maximum 7

Materials payable to instructor: $ 15
To come:  list of material to bring by the participant.
Registration fees Members $ 60, non-members $ 70.00
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