Glass Mosaic Frame

July 4-5

with Jeanne McTiernan

“Glass mosaic frame on a Wood Base”  (picture frame or mirror)

Objective:  The students will learn to cut and grind glass, and then glue their project on a wooden frame. They will also learn the art of grouting and sealing a finished piece.  Awareness of the various steps involved in making a glass mosaic project.  Learning basic techniques in glass cutting and laying out glass tile to compliment the project.  This is a beginners class with an introduction to the various tools used for glass cutting and grouting.  Maximum of 8 students per class.


Will be provided at a cost of $20 per student

Material includes:

  • wooden frame
  • glass
  • glass nuggets
  • trinkets
  • mirror
  • hanging wire
  • grout
  • adhesive
  • sealing compound

Students can bring their own latex gloves and protective eye glasses if they want.

Duration of the course:   2 days, 10 am – 4 pm.
Student Level:  beginner
Maximum Number of participants:   8
Language:  English and French
Instructor: Jeanne McTiernan

If you have any questions please email

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