Beyond the Easel: A Journey into Digital Plein Air for Traditional Artists & Adventurous Creatives

June 28

with Shane Bailey

Let’s Get Some Sun!

Objective:  This is a unique workshop designed to take artists on a journey into the world of digital plein air painting.  The workshop will cover a range of topics, including the use of digital painting tools and software, techniques for working in outdoor environments, and the creation of vibrant and expressive paintings inspired by the beauty of nature.  Participants will have the opportunity to experiment with different software and tools, explore the potential of digital plein air painting, and learn from experienced artists who have successfully made the transition to digital art.  The workshop will take place in an outdoor setting, providing participants with the chance to soak up the sun and the beauty of their surroundings while exploring their creativity. The workshop is open to artists of all skill levels, and will provide a supportive and collaborative environment for participants to develop their skills and explore new avenues of creativity.  By the end of the workshop, participants will have gained the skills and confidence needed to create beautiful and expressive plein air paintings using digital tools, and will have experienced the joy of creating art in the great outdoors.

In the event of rain on June 28th…….

Materials to Bring:

  • iPad, Mac or PC laptop
  • ProCreate app pre-installed prior to class (there is a minimal cost to buy this app online)

NOTE:  Some tablets and laptops may be available – please email if you need one – an additional fee may apply to be paid directly to the instructor.

Duration of the course:   1 day, 10 am – 4 pm.
Student Level:  any skill level
Maximum Number of participants:   8
Language:  English

If you have any questions please email

Register here:  Registration