Muriel Bruneau at Cafe 349 until October 21

An acclaimed classical musician, well known for her skill on the double bass, Murielle is equally talented with a brush! Music is as an integral part of her life and creative process. She says that each stroke of the brush or spatula is a dance on the canvas. She is always seeking the right movement, the right shade and colour, to move, affect and question as she does with her music.

Murielle  was originally scheduled to exhibit her work at the Cafe last fall, when the Cafe closed for a short time.   To compensate, we arranged a small show at Hoffman’s Gallery in Campbell’s Bay this summer.  Now we are delighted to be able to announce that you can see a lot more of her sometimes whimsical and always charming work for the next month at CAFE 349  (, main street in Shawville.  Open 9:00 am to 2:00 pm Monday to Saturday.  Come for a delicious lunch and enjoy the fall colours on the way, as well as her work on the walls of the Cafe.

Please note the our main Gallery and Shop at the Stone School Gallery and Shop are closed until our Winter Market in November.